Export to 60+ countries, especially the USA and EU

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As the largest manufacturer of technical granite in Turkey, Qua Granite takes firm steps to strengthen its leadership, and realizes its new investments for capacity enhancement in this direction, and aims to increase its profitability through strong product range and customer-oriented sales strategy.

Become a partner in our growth story

Our company is in the Corporate Governance Index

We prioritize creating value for our investors by supporting our rapid growth and financial strength through successful corporate governance practices. Our company shares have been qualified for BIST Corporate Governance Index...

Qua Granite net profit increased 2.9 times in 2021 and reached 566 million TL.

QUAGR is qualified for BIST 100

“On 01/10/2021, our shares started to be traded in the Borsa Istanbul (BIST) 100 index

Qua Granite signed UN Global Compact

Qua Granite committed itself to acting in accordance with the ten basic universal principles by joining the UN Global Compact on October 25, 2021

Our difference

As the largest facility to manufacture only technical granite in Turkey, we are the leader in our product category.

We manufacture in the newest and most modern facilities of our industry with the help of a young and dynamic team with an average employee age of 35. Since our establishment day, we have prioritized women's employment and environmental issues stemming from production activities. We offer women with the opportunity to work outside of the office at every point of the production area, and we are very proud to be company to employ the highest number of female employees in the production phase in our industry.

As Qua Granite, we are the only company in the sector that does not discharge the water used in the production phase, and instead, purifies it in the treatment facility located in the factory and brings it back to the production, within the framework of sustainable water management policy and strategy.

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As Qua Granite, we follow four basic principles to gain value in the international conjuncture in the management and control mechanisms of our company. In the corporate activities that we carry out without compromising the principles of clarity, accountability, responsibility and fairness, we recognize the rights of all our stakeholders and ensure that they are used effectively. We carry out our activities in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations, especially the "Corporate Governance Principles" determined by the Capital Markets Board (CMB).